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Kveðjur frá Ítalíu

Dear Vilborg and great Hostel Gljásteinn

My name is Marco Simon Calò and I’m an independent tour operator which operates in Iceland for 25 years with itinerant nature tours.

I had the privilege of being one of the first groups of guests in the accommodation, and can assure you that is no other accommodation during my tour so I’ve got a good reception and quality available.

Also in the briefing schedule, as my clients and for all nights of my tour, this hostel is the most welcome. Will undoubtedly be that it is new construction … but it is especially true that is well prepared and organized. Then the property in person Vilborg is really friendly and accommodating. Just as you expect and want.

In my tour and like an organizer and guide, there are many certainties but also some little anxiety. Well the hostel Gljásteinn is certainly for me and my clients a concrete assurance of quality and good reception.